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A Wonderful Review in Birding Magazine

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The Real James Bond just got a terrific review in the December issue of Birding Magazine...

The reviewer is Julia Zarankin. Here's a sample: Screen Shot 2022-01-09 at 9.16.44 AM

Jim Wright’s The Real James Bond is, in and of itself, a fantastic work of detective sleuthing that uncovers the unlikely connecting threads between the titan of spy fiction and the ornithologist whose field guide to the birds of the Caribbean became a “bible for birders visiting the region.”

A slim volume, the book is a treasure-trove of information, curious anecdotes, photographs, meditations on the connection between birders and intelligence work, and even provides all the required geographic coordinates should an inquisitive reader wish to walk in the footsteps of both Ian Fleming and Jim Bond himself.

You can read the review online here, beginning on the right hand-hand page (the rest of the issue is pretty cool, too):


An easier-to-read version of the review is here: