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Next Monday: Icelandic Mysteries

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Just back from a quick visit to Iceland. Saw quite a few birds I recognized immediately, and quite a few that I had to look up.

IMG_3714 (1)Next Monday, I'm challenging you to I.D. the birds in three photos I took near water in Reykjavik.

The following Monday, I'll feature a painting of a bird at the National Gallery of Iceland. A staff member identified it as a gannet.

I think not. Would love for you to identify it...

In the meantime, here are a couple of  photos from the Perlan, an incredible natural history museum just outside Reykjavik. 

The museum (pictured below) has great exhibits (including a simulated ice cave you can walk through), a planetarium show and great views of the surrounding area (see above).

Nice gift shop and food court, too, for folks who pay attention to such things.

I also liked the sign there that featured a puffin, but who wouldn't?