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In My Dad's Memory, for Veterans Day

'Dave Sleeping' by John S Wright Sr. mg20211030_13421155
While I was going through some of my mom's old photos recently, I came across a sketch that my dad drew of a fellow soldier during World War II (he must have sent it to my mom -- she was a Navy nurse at the time).

I love the sketch for many reasons. Most of my dad's drawings and paintings from WWII are more serious -- including a few combat paintings.

(Judging from the date, January 1944, this is before he got into the thick of things. Less than a year later, he narrowly escaped the Nazis in the Battle of the Bulge.)

I sense that the sketch captured daily life in the barracks in those days -- falling asleep in uniform from exhaustion, with cap and boots still on. The bayonet hanging nearby. And that wonderful sign.

I love my father's artistic talent -- I think I can almost hear his friend Dave snoring.

I love my dad's sense of humor. He died when my brother and I were kids, so I think we must have inherited it, rather than it rubbing off.

I know this post isn't really nature-oriented, but...

In honor of Veterans Day, here's to everyone who has served our nation -- including my mom and dad.