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Gaby Schmitt Wins Conservation Award

Deputy Warden Gaby Schmitt has won the Harold Feinberg Conservation Award from the Bergen County Audubon Society. This award is richly deserved.

Gaby has done so much for conservation -- notably at the Celery Farm and for The Raptor Trust -- we can't thank her enough for all she does.

In the photo above, Gaby is seen removing garlic mustard from the deer exclosure in the Celery Farm. She was released after removing 10 bags of the noxious weed. 

All the photos I see of Gaby involve her doing something in (behalf of) the Celery Farm -- working in the butterfly garden, cutting phragmites, pulling garlic mustard, you name it.

(Thank you, Bergen County Audubon, for recognizing Gaby's tireless efforts!)