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Monday Iceland Mystery Solved

Mystery 1122 IMG_3694On Monday I wrote:

I wondered what the bird in this artwork at the National Art Gallery of Iceland was, and was told it was a gannet.

I got to thinking about it and realized, no way!

So what is it?

Diane Louie answered: The stark white throat and bill shape make me think Little Pied or Pied Cormorant but these are found in Australia/New Zealand.

The red eye makes me think of loons, but the bill shape is wrong and the feather-drying posture is characteristic of cormorants.

But what cormorant would attempt to dry its wings by moonlight? Perhaps this is all artistic license and this is an imaginary species. In any case, it is not a Gannet.

I guess we are going with Great Cormorant with artistic license. Thank you, all!


My Thanksgiving Column for The Record

Susan the red-shouldered hawk perches on a branch after her release near The Raptor Trust. Credit: Jim Wright

Since my column ran on Thanksgiving this year, I thought I'd write about two reasons I'm thankful as a birder -- Red-shouldered Hawks of Allendale and The Raptor Trust. Seems like they go hand-in-hand.

You can read the column here:

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