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The Beast Jwright
Kathy Clark of New Jersey's Threatened and Endangered Species Program (ENSP) contacted me after seeing my column on the celebrated female Peregrine whose name shall not be uttered (or so sayeth some):

You probably know this, but the photographs over the years were good enough to get a band number:  1807-67480.
She was banded at Cape May Raptor Banding Project's station in Sept. 2015, as a hatching-year bird (aka, hatched in spring 2015). 
It's great that she is banded and identifiable, but we don't know her exact origin. 
Most peregrines are banded as nestlings with known origin, and we can connect the later encounters with that origin. 
But this is still a great story of a trackable bird, and it is likely that she fledged from a nest in NJ or NY.
(Thanks, Kathy!)