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My Column: Primetime for Broad-wings

Calling All Broad-winged Hawks

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Attention, all Broad-winged Hawks!

I am the official counter at the State Line Hawk Watch from 12:30 to 4 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 16., and in my Bird Watcher column for The Record on that day, I say you guys might be flying over in large numbers.

Could you throw me a bone (as Dr. Evil used to say) and fly over the Palisades at the Stateline Lookout on Thursday?

We offer lots of updrafts and beautiful views of the Hudson River -- free of charge.

If you know any humans, please tell them to be on hand as well. We offer great views, local Peregrines, a snack bar with restrooms and -- if you hawks cooperate -- lots of raptors as well.

I could use their help in spotting and counting, as I cannot count above 10 without taking my shoes off.

See you there!