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Local Red-shoulder Nest Sites Since 2002

RS nest late May 2021_MG_3354
I realized recently that it has been approximately two decades since endangered Red-shouldered Hawks have nested in Allendale and nearby Ramsey, typically not far from Franklin Turnpike. RS nest sites 200202021

I figured that a nest location map was in order to see if any patterns have developed. (They have).

The blue markers denote sites. The one the Celery Farm was for 2002, and the nest failed.

It should be noted that the cluster of nest sites to the north were all 2010 or earlier. Since then, the Red-shoulders have been nesting closer and closer to downtown Allendale.

I don't know why this is, but I doubt that it is a good thing because of increased traffic and pets and other dangers that the downtown presents to raptors..

In some instances, I have tried to reconstruct the locations from notes. I can't swear the map is 100 percent accurate, but I believe it paints a pretty good overall picture

You can also see the map here:

View this photo

I also suspect there may have been other nests in Allendale since then...

If you have hosted a nest in the past two decades, please contact me at [email protected].

If you find a dead, injured or ill raptor, please contact me as well.

A decade ago, several of us Red-shouldered Hawk lovers put together a free eBook about Allendale's Red-shoulders. You can download it here:

Download Survival-compressed1(1)

Where Are All the Skippers and...?

Is it just me, or are there far fewer skippers (except Silver-spotted Skippers) in the region this year?

Have seen next to none in the Celery Farm or during Sunday's Butterfly Day in the Meadowlands.

As for fritillaries, nada. Ditto Viceroys. The skipper above was by the house... A Dun Skipper perhaps?