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Those New QR Codes!

You may have noticed the new QR codes in the Celery Farm on the  Franklin Turnpike parking lot kiosk (lower right), the Warden Watch (right side 4x6 post), the Pirie-Mayhood Tower (second 4x6 post from left), and the Scout Platform (left side 4x6 post).

Point your cellphone camera at it, click the top text, and you'll go to the Fyke Nature Association website's map of the Celery Farm. (Some may need to download an app...)

You can try it out by holding your cellphone camera up to the QR code pictured here. Once you're on the map page, you can check out Fyke's other web pages as well.

Pretty cool. Thanks to Tom Mitchell for coming up with the idea and executing it, and Marsh Warden Mike Limatola for putting the blank signs for the QR codes.