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Red-shouldered Hawk Update

I stopped by The Raptor Trust to check in on the young Red-shouldered Hawk that fell out of the nest four weeks ago.

Deputy Marsh Warden Gaby Schmitt took the bird there via the Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital (FLAH) to make sure it was healthy. IMG_1690

Turns out it had some ear problems and lung problems (the latter from the fall), but it is now on the mend.

The bird is now sharing a flight cage with a second-year Red-shoulder (below), and they have become buddies.

(The Allendale Red-shoulder is in the bright sunlight; the older roommate is up higher and in the shade. Wisdom comes with age.)


Here's what the flight cage looks like...

IMG_1686 3

And here are the Allendale Red-shoulder on May 28 when it fell out of the nest and June 28, when I visited The Raptor Trust. Amazing how it grew in 30 days...