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Red-shoulder Hawk Update

Red Shoulder Adults
We know of one successful Red-shouldered Hawk nest in Allendale this spring, and wanted to update everyone now that nestings season is over.

_MG_3823The two Red-shoulders (above) had two young.

One fell out of the nest a few weeks ago. (Photo at right.)

Deputy marsh warden Gaby Schmitt drove the bird to The Raptor Trust, where it is receiving treatment for a problem or two. Will post something when I hear more. (Thanks, Gaby!)

The second chick fledged recently and appears to be doing well.  (Below.)

We suspect other Red-shoulders may be nesting in Allendale. Please let me know if you know of any.

(Red-shouldered Hawks are endangered when nesting, and they have nested in town for the past two decades, so it's a big deal.) _MG_3963