In Memory of Pook the Cat
Stateline Lookout, Yesterday Morning

Birds and Fishing Line

Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 7.27.16 PM (3)Fishing is banned at the Celery Farm Nature Preserve because it is a wildlife sanctuary.

One of the nasty side effects of fishing is that the line often gets snagged on tree branches and shrubs, and left behind -- posing a hazard to birds.

The American Robin in the photo was found tangled in monofilament near the Warden's Watch last week and brought to The Raptor Trust, where it is being treated for an injured wing.

A big thank you to Lynn McKenzie for rescuing the robin, Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital (which relayed the injured bird to The Raptor Trust), and -- of course -- The Raptor Trust itself.  (Photo by Lynn MacKenzie).