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June 2021

All-white Catbird or Mockingbird?

Image(1)Kim Messerly of Michigan came across my Bird Watcher column of yore about the all-white catbird that visited the Celery Farm several years ago.

When Kim emailed me and asked, I thought this might be one as well.

But Kim wonders, could it be an all-white mockingbird instead?

I said I'd post on the blog.

What do you think?

(Thanks in advance.)

Here's the old column because why not? :- )

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Snake in the Grass!

At first glance,  I thought it was a piece of garden hose.

Then it winked at me.

iNaturalist says it's likely a Common Watersnake, 18 inches long...

I decided not to put a quarter next to it for scale, even though it is non-poisonous, and we finally saw eye to eye.

Thank You, Volunteers

IMG_1660 5
Have been negligent in posting a few thank you to all the volunteers at the CF, beginning with Liam Conroy, who just graduated from northern Highlands and who helped with so many projects over the past school year -- mowing, helping put up the American Kestrel box, assemble the stick pile by the Warden's Watch, IMG_1636 2 (1)cut invasives, pull Garlic Mustard, and on and on. (Thank you, Liam, and congratulations!)

A shout out to Ken Wiegand for repairing the bridge to Phair's Pond and putting in the new fencing at the Butterfly Garden.

And a big thank you to Bruce Davis for mowing and cleaning up along the Green Way entrance.

Plus a big thanks to the Butterfly Garden gardeners -- Lisa Safier, Gaby Schmitt, Patty Finn. Great job!

And a big thank you to all of you who I've left out, like Neil! 

Here's to summer!