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Monday Morning Mystery Answered

IMG_1157 (3)Yesterday I wrote:

After last Monday's toughie, I thought I'd offer an easy one.

Where was this taken, and how many of the eggs have hatched?

Sally Teschon answered correctly-- five eggs -- and shared this:

I was held hostage for 35. min. yesterday at the farm.  
Guilty parties were Mr. & Mrs. Goose guarding their 5 babies. While is was on Warden’s Watch, they had a life and death fight with a snapper in the water by the path to Warden’s Watch.
They escaped with the goslings intact, and they all held their ground on the path. They were in attack mode each time I tried to go by so I let them be, not wanting them to go back in the water.  
Found a stick, made my famous eagle sounds and warded them off. A great event.
(Pix below by Sally.... Thanks!)