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Friday: Fyke Talk, S. Cape May Meadows

My favorite place to go birding in Cape May is South Cape May Meadows, and who better to talk about it than The Nature Conservancy's Damon Noe, critical lands manager for The Nature Conservancy.

The 200-acre preserve is one of the premier birding spots in NJ.

Birds and ocean-front beach are hallmarks of this 200+ acre success story.

Learn the site's history, from nearly sinking into the ocean decades ago to welcoming wildlife and providing community flooding protection after a full natural restoration in 2007.

Visitors can enjoy flat walking trails, sandy beach, special bird viewing areas, a rain garden and more.

You can read more about The Nature Conservancy's South Cape May Meadows here.

Please register in advance for this program, by clicking this link:

Monday Morning Mystery 041921

This is a toughie in more ways than one. A friend writes:

Bird crashed through 2nd-floor barn window. Thick old double pane. Left the feathers and a little bit of blood.
Glass exploded everywhere. Shards of glass 30 feet away.
Any idea what type of bird?

Monday Morning Mystery 041221

Saw this nest inside the Widow Jane Mine in Rosendale, N.Y., about 16 feet up a wall of the mine.

Did not see any birds but did see some bird poop below the nest that enabled me to find it...

Any thoughts? Poop pic below for avian experts in that category...  For everyone else, just enjoy.IMG_0866 2