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More on the Monday Mystery

On Monday I wrote about a bird strike -- a toughie in more ways than one. A friend writes:

Bird crashed through 2nd-floor barn window. Thick old double pane. Left the feathers and a little bit of blood.
Glass exploded everywhere. Shards of glass 30 feet away. (The bird was never found.)
Any idea what type of bird?
We had a few replies, though nothing definitive -- from Barn Owl to Red-tail.  I failed to say that barn is in Allendale. That would have made the Barn Owl theory less likely, I can't remember of any Barn Owl sightings in recent memory in Allendale... 
Although Allendale, Mich. does have a road called Barn Owl Lane...

Record Article on Birder Holly Cowen

Screen Shot 2021-04-24 at 10.17.59 AM
It was great to see Philip DeVencentis' article in The Record about birder and photographer Holly Cowen of Hawthorne, who is a big fan of Goffle Brook Park. (Great birding spot).

I am quoted briefly...

Holly is a great person and excellent photographer. You can read the article here.

Photo above by The Record's Chris Pedota.

Today Is the Anniversary of John Fell's Arrest

Today is the 244th anniversary of  Founding Father John Fell's arrest at his house (now 475 Franklin Turnpike) by 22 British Loyalists.

The Fell House hopes to again present reenactments of Fell's arrest once the pandemic is over.

After his arrest, John Fell was imprisoned in the notorious Provost Jail in New York City. Fell kept a secret prison diary that documented British atrocities at the jail.

You can read more about Fell's journal here.

A big thank you to Raoul Mallalieu for the video and Heard's Brigade for all they have done for the historic John Fell House.