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Last Week's Mystery Answered!


Last week I asked:

Saw these berries on High Mountain earlier this month. With thorns.

What kind of a berry, and why haven't any birds eaten them?

Diane Louie answered: Greenbrier? Is the sugar level highest very late in the season?

By Jove, I think she's right. More on Greenbrier here.  (Thanks, Diane! Impressive.)

Coming Thursday: Amazing Wild Turducken News

Turducken eggIMG_0070 (2)
On Thursday, April 1, the Montclair Bird Club is announcing some major news about the Wild Turduckens of High Mountain, NJ. 

The ornithological world may major never be the same.

(Above, a Wild Turducken egg with a telltale American quarter next to it.)

A non-blurry image of a Wild Turducken has never photographed. I am announcing a $25 reward to the best Wild Turducken photo sent to me by April 8.

Hint: They hang out on the summit of High Mountain around dusk on foggy nights.

What are you waiting for?