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Monday Morning Mystery Answered

How 007 Got His Name
In advance of my Bird Watcher column about feathers yesterday, I asked who can identify the feathers on the dust jacket of this rare book.

The answer, from renowned feather expert Pepper Tail, is that the feathers on the James Bond book "are fanciful. Perhaps from unknown species in Goldfinger's diabolical aviary, but not from birds known to science."

My Linnaean Society Talk is next Tuesday!

Tody on BITWI cover
Don't miss my free Zoom talk for the Linnaean Society of New York City on Tuesday, Feb. 9, at 7 p.m.

The talk will feature three rare birds that the real James Bond collected for science in the West Indies (including one now feared extinct) and an ornithologist/spy or two, notably the American Museum of Natural History's James Chapin.

After the talk, I'll chat with Dr. Joseph Wunderle of Linnaean talk 020921BirdsCaribbean, who has some amazing stories to tell.

(He once had lunch with Bond, and it changed his life.)

The details on how to register are here.

More about BirdsCaribbean here.

(That's the Cuban Tody from the cover of the 1936 Birds of the Indies above.)