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Free Duke Farms Bald Eagle E-book!

Duke Farms e-book coverSeveral years ago I did a free online eBook about Bald Eagles for Duke Farms and the Conserve Wildlife Foundation, and I am pleased to announce that it's still online.

Now that the latest brood of eggs has started to hatch, it's especially handy.

One of the many cool things about the eBook is you can go any chapter quickly by just clicking it on the Contents page. The pages turn as well.

The eBook was designed by Mimi Sabatino and includes a ton of information about Duke Farms' Bald Eagles as well as the Bald Eagle's amazing comeback in New Jersey and beyond -- plus plenty of excellent links.

Also featured: Some great photography by Kevin Watson.

If your electronic device's "volume control" is on, you can even hear the digital pages turn.

You can view it here. Free!