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January 2021

High Mountain Clove, Late Aternoon

IMG_0598This is the view from the southern end of Franklin Clove. looking back through the ravine toward Franklin Lake.

Always great to see blue skies in January.

The water you see drops to a trickle by summer.

The clove, by the way, might be the closest you'll come to a "Last of the Mohicans" setting this side of upstate New York.  (Lenape native Americans wintered here 500 years ago.)

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Mystery Solved

IMG_1641For the past week or so, folks have been trying to determine what this large iron ring is. It was found many years ago near the Bajor farm.

The Ring has 6 nubs...didn't find any's about 10 lbs...severely oxidized..found it in under a foot of dirt about 75 ft from an 1856 Quackenbush-built farmhouse alongside the Bajor property.

Marianne Hermann believes it is a wheel from a corn husking machine. And she provided a link to a photo of one here.

Great detective work, Marianne!

(Ah, shucks!)


Save the Date: My Linnaean Talk

Linnaean talk 020921
Don't miss my free Zoom talk for the Linnaean Society of New York City on Tuesday, February 9 at 7 p.m.

The talk will feature three rare birds that Bond collected for science in the West Indies (including one now feared extinct) and ornithologist spies -- Wunderle_photo-Oct_2020
notably the American Museum of Natural History's James Chapin.

After the talk, I'll chat with Dr. Joseph Wunderle (right) of BirdsCaribbean, who has some amazing stories to tell.

(He once had lunch with Bond, and it changed his life.)

The details on how to register are here.

More about BirdsCaribbean here.