Two Red-shoulders Stopped By...
Monday Morning Mystery 011821

Monday Mystery Sort of Continues

IMG_1641Last Monday I asked what kind of horseshoe is pictured here. The answer: a bar shoe. (I had no idea.)

From the same friend, another item he found in his yard near the Bajor Farm.

What is it (beyond a huge ring), and what was it used for?

I received a few answers, including several great guesses, but I think I did not provide enough info... The mystery maker, Bill Conroy, adds:

The Ring has 6 nubs...didn't find any's about 10 lbs...severely oxidized..found it in under a foot of dirt about 75 ft from the house...which is an 1856 Quackenbush-built farmhouse alongside the Bajor property....Thanks for the sleuthing. any idea where the Outhouses were situated back in the day?

Thanks, everyone, for your help!