Fell House Decked Out for the Holidays!
The Old Bajor Farm: Part I

On-line Fyke Members Night Starts Tomorrow

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Fyke mainstay Kurt Muenz writes:

Traditionally Members Night has provided a chance to share nature-related slide shows, videos, artwork, photographs, poems, collections,  etc., with fellow members, during a Friday night Fyke meeting.

For the last 15 years or so, most of the presentations have been of digital images projected onto the large screen.

This year however we'll not be able to get together and do it the usual way due to the pandemic. Instead we're asking that as many Fyke photographers as are willing and able, present digital images via email attachment or emailed link to a web page.

The images should be posted the weekend beginning Friday Dec. 4 (the previously scheduled date).

So stay tuned. I will do my part with two posts featuring arhival photos of the Celery Farm from back in the farming days.

(Photo above courtesy of Hans and Dora Sammer.)