Telling Coops from Sharp-shins
Bird of the Day, Dec. 31, 2020

Evicting Squirrels from Nestboxes: Part 37

_MG_9427Over the years, some of the most popular posts on this blog have been about evicting squirrels from bird boxes.

When you see a squirrel enter the box,  whack the side of the box with a broom handle (being sure to steer clear of the opening).

Once the squirrel vamooses, remove any leaves the squirrel(s) have imported, and then wait for the squirrels to go back in, and repeat. And repeat. And repeat, until you wear them out and they give up

Not a great strategy, especially when you have to climb a ladder in mid-winter each time you evict them.

This season I am trying a new experimental strategy and am recruiting others to follow suit and let me know the results.

My secret weapon: a bird seed called Fiery Feast, which birds are oblivious to but squirrels hate because it's so hot-peppery.

I plan to put some on the floor of the box before this season's squirrel house-hunters arrive, and see if they still stick around.

What do you think? Please let me know, even if you think I'm Elmer Fudd.