Monday Mystery 090720 Answered
Monday Morning Mystery Answered

Wondrous Wave Hill

Patty and I made the drive to Wave Hill in the Bronx yesterday. The drive took 35 minutes each way, admittance was free, the weather was beautiful,  and the place even more so.

Lots of birds, including four species of raptors (including a young Bald Eagle) and a few dickie birds I had trouble IDing (including next Monday's mystery.)

Plus a Ruby-crowned Kinglet and umpteen Am. Goldfinches.

You can see Fort Lee in the background in the photo above. That's how close Wave Hill is to New Jersey.

Looking forward to  Gabriel Willow to resume his terrific monthly bird walks for NYC Audubon there. He sees (and hears)  more birds than just about anybody, and explains all about them.