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Duke Farms' Eagle Cam Is Back

Owl Photos

1  close-up Red-phase in nest box

The red-phase screech owl that appeared at a most auspicious moment.

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2. two gray phase owls  withowletIX9I4228

Two adult gray-phase screech owls with their partially hidden owlet.

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10. SW  red-phase

A red-phase screech owl in the opening of a squirrel-resistant owl box.

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3. owl in the wild

A screech owl in the wild.

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4.SW Owl in box

An owl in the nestbox, recorded with a nest cam.

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6 . SW owlet in opening PM pole

An owlet in a nestbox opening.

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 Owl feeding part 3 IX9I1637

A screech owl feeds an owlet at night …

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8. Owl feeding part 4 IX9I0413a copy (1)

. … and then flies off.

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9. JW Squirrels in Owl box_MG_9427 (2)

Two squirrels hijack a traditional nestbox.

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