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The Case of the Hummingbird Bookworm

IMG_20200916_212650_095Sorry for posting a little late but have been dealing with some deadlines:

Last Wednesday, a most unexpected visitor buzzed into the Ridgewood Library -- a Ruby-throated Hummingbird.

According to the library's Kerri Wallace,  "The Ridgewood Women's Gardeners has a garden right outside our circulation entrance, so something must have smelled very sweet.

"Our circulation door was open, so she just decided to let herself in.

"We were able to guide it out a window, but it was probably so stressed and scared. 
"I went out to check on it and it kept flying into a window and it fell on its back exhausted."
Fortunately, Kerri is a birder.
"I picked it up gently just by sliding my fingers under its back and when I flipped it over into a box, it took off into a tree.  Her feathers were just sooo soft. It was like touching fur.

"P.S. I just watched the security footage and it is hysterical! All it needs is Benny Hill music added."

Theresa Callaghan took the photo. Thanks, Kerri and Theresa!