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Rare Sparrow at Crestwood (Better Pic)

Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 3.00.41 PM

Fred Weber found a rare Nelson's Sparrow (thought to be the interior subspecies) at Crestwood Lake.  Very hard to see along the phrag edges, and even harder to photograph. I would not have known what I was looking at without Fred. (A needle in a haystack. See pix below).)

Doug Morel later found the bird again.

More on Nelson's Sparrows here.

IMG_1716 (1)



Monday Mystery Answered

IMG_0572 (1)
Last Monday, I wrote:

Bird identifications can be challenging, even when you get a good view in good light.

Then there are views of birds like the one above, taken recently in Ken Wiegand's Allendale backyard.

The mystery:  What is it? (Closer view follows.)

The answer: Several folks, including Ken, believe it's a young Black-crowned Night Heron, and Barbara Dilger even went out on a limb in that regard.  Can't disagree. Thanks to all!

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Scenes from the N.Y. Botanical Garden

IMG_0472Visited the N.Y. Botanical Garden with friends on Wednesday.

Warm day, beautiful place. I'd say 75-80 percent of visitors wore masks, which were supposedly mandatory.

Lots of skippers, a few Monarchs and an occasional sulpher.  Awesome Goldenrod. And a waterfall.

I liked the signage, too.

Coming Monday: A NYBG mystery.