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Monday Mystery Answered: Cave Cricket

IMG_2295On Monday I wrote:

Gaby Schmitt spotted this guy outside the Fell House on Sunday.

What is it? (If you haven't seen any before, consider yourself lucky.)

Thanks, Gaby!

Several people answered correctly, calling it by either of its two common names -- Cave Cricket or Camel Cricket.

I enjoyed Lillian Lugo's reply the best:

Looks like a Camel Cricket. These guys don’t have wings like other crickets, and they are not “verbal” (no Jiminys here).
They jump straight up when scared (kind of like an insect version of a quail). 
Pretty cool-looking and shudder-worthy at the same time.
(Thanks, Lillian!)

High Mountain Zoom Talk Info


You can watch a recording of my High Mountain Zoom talk for The Nature Conservancy here.

The Nature Conservancy's web page about High Mountain (with that cool drone aerial footage) is here.

You can read my comprehensive article about HighJW High Mountain Franklin Clove LightHawk Mountain here.

You can read about my favorite High Mountain hike here.

Aerial photo to the right is of the Clove and Franklin Lake (thanks to LightHawk for their help!).

You can download a High Mountain trail map here:

Download High-mountain-park-nature-preserve-trail-map

The late Franklin Lakes historian Jim Longo's video about Franklin Clove is below.

In Memory of Else Greenstone

Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 7.06.49 AM (1)
I am sad to report that Else Greenstone, who ran the Montclair Hawk Watch for more than three decades, has died.

Else was an inspiration to everyone she met.

When I went through my files this morning, I came across an interview I did with Elle for a "Bird Watcher" column nearly a decade ago. Her appreciation for raptors shined through in all that she did.

Why should anyone go hawk-watching?

To share in the beauty of the migration and learn about these precious birds of prey.

What should they expect?

If the conditions are right, beauty lies beneath the wing of every soaring bird, and perhaps a precious view of the glorious colors of an American Kestrel or the majestic flight of a Bald Eagle, and oh so much more.

Why do you go hawk-watching?

To be in touch with the mystery of migration and to be part of the circle of life.

The Record's obituary and a photo gallery are on line. The obituary is here. The photos are here.



My Talk for Bergen Co. Camera

BCC Zoom talk 080820Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 7.11.12 AMDuring my presentation for Bergen County Camera last Saturday, I talked about taking photos at the Celery Farm, Mill Creek Marsh, DeKorte Park and other North Jersey nature spots. I also discussed the photos in my new book, The Real James Bond.

You can also buy a signed copy of my book at Bergen County Camera in Westwood.

You can watch a replay of my talk here.

Other links I discussed during my talk are here.