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Allendale Library Talk 9/9, & Signed Books

IMG_0172I'm doing a free Zoom talk about The Real James Bond on Wednesday, Sept. 9, to celebrate my hometown library -- Lee Memorial Library.

To raise money for the library, signed copies of my lavishly illustrated book are for sale at Lee Memorial and at Bergen County Camera in Westwood,

The books are $25, with the net proceeds from each sale going to benefit this terrific library.

You can also borrow a copy at Lee Memorial Library or another local library.

An e-book is available for digital loans. (Stay tuned for more announcements.)

The High Mountain Star

NH - Covid-19 archives - High Mt. Star (2)
If you haven't been over to High Mountain in a while, you might like to hear that the star atop High Mountain is back.

North Haledon librarian Susan Serico writes:

"The star was removed after the holidays, but was put back up again a few months ago due to the COVID-19 crisis.  The Mayor felt it would provide HOPE for the future.  Above is a recent photo of it taken by Tara Breur.  Solar panels provide the energy to light it."

(Thanks, Susan!)

The view from the summit on Wednesday afternoon is below.

IMG_0158 (1)


Ultimate Monday Mystery Answered

On Monday I wrote:

Ginny Chucka sent this photo on Saturday afternoon, and I knew immediately that it had to be the next Monday Morning Mystery. (The photo was taken recently  in Western N.J.)

See anything unusual?

Here's the answer, via Ginny: "We were fishing along the shoreline of the Clinton Reservoir, and a Blad Eagle flew out (photo below left). Then we saw something swimming.  At first we thought it was a beaver or a mink swimming (photo below right). Then the owl flew over our heads with the squirrel and perched in a tree in front of us. We never saw the grab itself."

(Thanks, Ginny! Amazing pix.  And congrats to all who saw the squirrel's tail in the owl photo.)