Old Glory @ the Fell House for July 4
High Mountain, 4th of July

On July 4, a Revolutionary Local Ale

When I saw that a brewery in Hackensack had an IPA called "Musket Haze," I just had to photograph it at the historic John Fell House and raise a toast to the Founding Father from Allendale.

Fell knew Hackensack well.

As the bicentennial book "Hackensack -- Heritage to Horizons" noted:

"While Patrick Henry was telling the world to give him Liberty or Death, here in Hackensack our John Fell stood on the steps of the Old Church on the Green and called on his fellow townsmen to resist the encroachment on their rights by the British Parliament.

"He was so great a thorne in the sides of the Royalists that he was kidnapped one night and delivered into the hands of the British."

Here's to you, John Fell, on this Fourth of July!"