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New Celery Farm Pix from John Pastore

Free Photo Seminar on 'Real James Bond' & Nature Pix

Jim Wright Crow attacks duck IMG_0893

On Saturday, Aug. 8, at 9:30 a.m., I'm presenting "Every Picture Tells a Story,"  a free virtual seminar offered by Bergen County Camera.

The illustrated talk and workshop will feature my photos from The Real James Bond (my latest book) and from my nature adventures in the Garden State, from the Celery Farm to Cape May.

I have found that with my type of writing, eye-catching photos go a long way to supplementing the text.

In some cases, the images -- like the one above, taken at the Celery Farm -- tell their own story.

In other instances, the images -- like the one below of Cuba's Bay of Pigs that I took for my book -- are more persuasive than any written description I could provide.

Register for the event here.

Learn more about my book and order a signed copy here.

Bay of Pigs DSCN9883-002