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Old Glory @ the Fell House for July 4

A Stolen Hour, by Charley West

IMG_1925Prologue: Various exigencies of late have kept me isolated so I went to the CF for an hour @ 6:30 this morning to unburden. I parked myself @ the Carlos Parnell Lopez bench, which faces NW when looking straight ahead over Phair’s Pond.

 The morning introduced itself with 50% cloud cover with low, cumulus puffs with ill-defined edges in a light-blue sky. Breeze was non-existent -- it was as if a tree would be penalized if it were to stir a leaf.

I hasten to point out (admit?) that I’m like the three Chimps with their respective hands covering ears, eyes, & mouth. Not that I’ve got any wisdom to impart, it’s just that I can’t hear or see as “before,” acknowledging that I’m on the shady, downhill-side of the mountain. 

IMG_1926Thanks to their lower calling frequencies, I heard Am. Crow & MoDo on the walk-in, and later a Red-bellied WP.

Multiple families of Woodies were ignoring social-distancing and convened in a large group of 16.

A family (?) of 6-7 Northern Rough-winged Swallows took turns snatching breakfast from the air and quick drinks from the pond’s surface. 

An unseen bullfrog in the western quarter of the 50% algae-covered Phair’s, bellowed his presence.

 A thin-necked doe, resplendent in her cinnamon-colored summer frock, browsed silently along the eastern lake edge.

 A Green Heron flew across from west to east, followed by an Am. Robin. Expected honks from Canadas on Lake A. did not materialize.

At some point, my central nervous system screamed for a caffeine fix and my stomach growled in support thereof, so I begrudgingly left my post.

A brilliantly hued male Cardinal celebrated my departure. 

It was a LOVELY morning!

              -- Charley West