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June 2020

Turkeys, Toad and Turtle at the Celery Farm

Walking around the Celery Farm is wonderful -- you never know what you might see.

This week I pulled off a rare triple-T trifecta:

A Mama Turkey with her poults in the Dead Zone, an American Toad in the Barbara's Bog, and an egg-laying Painted Turtle (I think) laying eggs at the Warden's Watch. (Click images to enlarge,)

Top that!

Monday Morning Twitter Mystery Answered

Screen Shot 2020-06-13 at 5.04.10 PM On Monday I asked readers what the name of the Twitter bird is.

The answer is Larry because ...  A founder of Twitter is reportedly a Boston Celtic fan -- hence "Larry" Bird.

I also asked folks to  I.D. the species. The best answer was from Diane Louie, who wrote:

The Twitter Bird reminds me of the birds in Snow White:

As for the species of bird in Snow White, the color scheme is closest to Mountain Bluebird, which is not European.  (Snow White I assume is European, so that doesn’t jive)….But I’m probably overthinking this.
After all, we’re talking cartoons here.
(Thanks, Diane!)

My Column: Readers' Best Birding Moments

Snowy owl Paul Sullivan                                                   A Snowy Owl appeared magically on the coast of Maine.   Photo: Courtesy of Paul R. Sullivan

A while back, I asked readers of  "The Bird Watcher" for the most memorable birding moment. Got enough replies to fill two columns. One of the highlights -- this Snowl Owl photo by Paul K. Sullivan.

The first installment ran today.

You can read it here:

By Jim Wright
Special to The Record 

A while back, I asked readers to share their most memorable birding moments. The responses were all over the map, from Maine to Ecuador.

Here are five favorites, edited for space:

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