Turkeys, Toad and Turtle at the Celery Farm
Another Painted Turtle?

Map of the Celery Farm

Screen Shot 2020-06-27 at 6.16.35 AMIn my last post, i mentioned I had seen a toad in Barbara's Bog and a Wild Turkey with poults in the Dead Zone.

Where are these places, you might ask. (Someone already did.)

They are on the Celery Farm trail map, created by the talented Deedee Burnside.

There's a map on the Fyke Nature Association website, here.

Barbara's Bog, by the way, was so named when it was a meadow. It may have been named after a woman who donated some land for the preserve, It is now woods.

The Dead Zone is just after you head north from the Celery Farm parking lot.

Few birds are seen there (hence the names), but there have been some memorable ones, including a Prothonotary Warbler and a LeConte's Sparrow.

(Thanks, Deedee!)