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The Taxidermy Art of David Parsons

'The Birds of Connecticut' in Book Form

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A good acquaintance, Florence McBride, has two created two books to celebrate the Birds of Connecticut exhibit at Yale's Peabody Museum of Natural History -- an exhibit cut short by Covid-19.

The exhibit featured the brilliant taxidermic work of David H. Parsons, who spent many years preparing the mounts, showing the birds in natural positions and illustrating behavior as well as essential field marks.

With well over 300 species, the collection is a comprehensive guide to the birds of the Nutmeg State. Viewed as a whole, it is also a work of art.

I have seen the exhibit, and it is breath-taking-- especially for bird-lovers.

McBride photographed all the species, and divided them into two books, using the Shutterfly website.

The project began in August 2019, when she learned that the museum planned to exclude this iconic Connecticut treasure when the renovated museum reopens -- a decision that McBride still hopes will be reversed. (Me, too!)

Copies of both books will be placed in the Peabody's archives and the ornithology library, to document what McBride believes to be one of the most important achievements of the museum's staff, and one of the most significant resources the Peabody offers to the public.

Anyone who would like to see a copy of one or both of the books on the web can contact McBride at [email protected], and she will set up a link for them.

You can also download a short version of the book here:

Download BsofCT_BookSelection_forJ.Wright_Smfile

I will post more about Parsons on Wednesday.