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Monday Morning Mystery Answered

On Monday I asked:

What kind of bird is this, and what was it doing in this place in Piermont, N.Y., recently?

The answer: It is a Yellow-billed Cuckoo, as several readers correctly replied.

According to Charley West, who is a bit of a cuckoo expert (his license plate is COO X 2):

"If the bird showed up for free meal, I’d say it’s a Y-B Cuckoo- - they’re known
for that!"

Rascally Robin at High Mountain

Returning to the car after a recent visit to High Mountain, I noticed an American Robin jumping up and down on a neighboring car's side-view mirror.

I figured I knew what was happening, smiled and inspected the car's door beneath the side-view mirror,

To my surprise, the door was clean. To my greater surprise, my car door was not.

I've had Baltimore Orioles look at their reflection and poop, but not robins...

The robin was just hanging around afterward to see my reaction.

My Column: Cape May Spring Festival

Red Knot & Horseshoe Crab  Phil Witt                                                                                                            PHOTO BY PHIL WITT

This year, for the first time, the Cape May Spring Festival is going virtual.JWRIGHT BIRD WATCHER TheRecord 20200514_LF03_0-page-001

That means many folks -- who've always wanted to participate but couldn't -- will now be able to see this top birding destination for themselves.

My new column for The Record  tells all.

(Full disclosure: I'm doing a talk on the real James Bond on the first day of the festival, Saturday, May 23.)

You can download the column here:

Download JWRIGHT BIRD WATCHER TheRecord_20200514_LF03_0