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Monday Morning Mystery 042720

JWright Red-shouldered Hawk adult can be croppedIMG_0059
Every year since 2002 or possibly earlier, endangered Red-shouldered Hawks have nested in Allendale or nearby Ramsey.

They failed several times before nesting successfully in 2004, and have nested at nine locations total.

This could well be the third spring where we are  in late-April and have not located the nest.

The female Red-shoulder and her mate typically nest about 30 feet or more up in a large deciduous tree, and typically within 50 feet of a house.

If you see or hear a Red-shoulder, try to see whether it has a leg band (that would be Laura) and which direction it goes,  and then report your findings to  me at celeryfarm (at) gmail.com.

You can read some old blog posts about the Red-shoulders here.