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A Nature Video Well Worth Watching

A friend sent me a link to a nature program that has been showing at film festivals for many years and became available to watch on the Internet on Earth Day last week.

The hour-long documentary stars several endangered gorillas in Rwanda and features an artist friend from Bergen County -- Steve Quinn of the American Museum of Natural History.

I plugged an HDMI cable from my TV into my laptop and watched on a big screen.

Well worth your time.

Here's how it's described:

"How an Artist Saved the Mountain Gorilla" is a fascinating film on the relationship between art and conservation, wrapped in an exciting journey that sees two artists retrace the footsteps of legendary explorer Carl Akeley deep into the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda and the Congo, to uncover the mysteries of the man who is credited with saving the Mountain Gorilla from extinction and founding Africa's first National Park nearly 100 years ago. Produced by Artists for Conservation and Helipress in 2011."

I have seen many "Artists for Conservation" exhibits at the Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum in Oradell, and they were uniformly excellent. This documentary is first-rate (and timeless) as well.