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A Couple of Shout-outs For Stephanie Seymour

There are brds CD cover

Birder, singer and friend Stephanie Seymour  got a  great review on the American Birding Association website for her album "There Are Birds."

Here's a sample:

Stephanie Seymour’s There Are Birds is a 12-song pop-rock album with occasional flares of acapella and folk. Among the many things that make this album special, perhaps the most important is that it is explicitly from the perspective of a birder.

"Anyone who likes good music may love There Are Birds, but birders will specifically see themselves reflected in the lyrics and textures of the songs."

You can read the review here.

Stephanie is also included in's "Songs to See Us Through" series  including a live video of "Violet-crowned Hummingbird."

You can tune in here. Or listen below:

Presenting a Free Costa Rica Vacation


... from the comforts of your home!  No security lines! No airline food! No annoying guy in the middle seat!

Warren Cooke, a longtime friend of the Celery Farm, shared these recent photos from his vacation in Costa Rica.

Can you I.D. the critters?

(Enjoy the scenery, too!)

(Thanks, Warren!) DSC_2385


IMG_6325That's all, folks!

Announcing the Birdy 30 Winners

Here's the Birdy 30 Wrap-up:

At least a dozen folks entered, mostly from New Jersey.

We had a lot of new participants this time around, and some variations.
As a result, I've added a category: viewing from a deck (as opposed to a window).
With warmer weather around the corner, more folks may want to enter this category.
The deck-category winner was John Bird, who tallied a record-setting  25 species from his roof deck in Cape May.
The window-category winner was Gaby Schmitt, who tallied 19 birds from her place in Bergenfield.
Bird of the day was a Monk Parakeet (better seen than heard) photographed by Eileen Bogosian (photo with two Monk parakeets and two other species above) in Ridgefield )my favorite place to see them), although Gaby's ravens weren't exact;y chopped liver.
Bird of the night was Great Horned Owl heard by Enid Hayflick in California.
Other winners included anyone who had a good time.
Congrats to all.

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Monday Morning Mystery 032320

10262003n 010Can you identify these two birders on the Warden's Watch?

If you can identify the third guy, you win for sure.

Likely taken during an old Hour on the Tower, when some birders were ashamed to be seen participating.

(Photo by Kevin Watson. Thanks, Kevin!)


Definitely a Bear in My Backyard

IMG_1133 (2)
Thursday morning I found my metal trashcan filled with birdseed knocked over and a bag of seed removed.

Today I remembered I had a second, less-frequented feeder.

The pole had been bent like a piece of licorice and the feeder itself knocked into the stream. I bent the pole back up (pictured), but it is shot.

I have been taking my feeder in at night ever since, and the trashcan is inside until further notice.