Monday Morning Mystery 032320
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Announcing the Birdy 30 Winners

Here's the Birdy 30 Wrap-up:

At least a dozen folks entered, mostly from New Jersey.

We had a lot of new participants this time around, and some variations.
As a result, I've added a category: viewing from a deck (as opposed to a window).
With warmer weather around the corner, more folks may want to enter this category.
The deck-category winner was John Bird, who tallied a record-setting  25 species from his roof deck in Cape May.
The window-category winner was Gaby Schmitt, who tallied 19 birds from her place in Bergenfield.
Bird of the day was a Monk Parakeet (better seen than heard) photographed by Eileen Bogosian (photo with two Monk parakeets and two other species above) in Ridgefield )my favorite place to see them), although Gaby's ravens weren't exact;y chopped liver.
Bird of the night was Great Horned Owl heard by Enid Hayflick in California.
Other winners included anyone who had a good time.
Congrats to all.
John's tally:

Common Loon; R/T Loon; N Gannet; Canada Goose; Black Scoter; Mallard; G/W Teal; Gadwall, H Gull; GBB Gull; Osprey; TV; BV; Fish Crow; C Grackle; R/W Blackbird; A Robin; Eu Starling; Rock Pigeon; Mourning Dove; N Mockingbird; N Cardinal; Carolina Wren; House Finch; House Sparrow

Gaby's tally:

White-throated Sparrow
Turkey Vulture - flyover
Red-bellied Woodpeck 
Northern Cardinal - pair
Downy Woodpecker
House Finch
American Goldfinch
American Robin
Carolina Wren - heard
Common Ravens - 2, still carrying sticks but construction seems to have slowed
Fish Crow - still yakking/complaining about the Ravens
American Crow - heard
Black-capped Chickadee
Tufted Titmouse
Accipiter sp - probably Sharp-shin
European Starling
House Sparrow