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A Couple of Shout-outs For Stephanie Seymour

There are brds CD cover

Birder, singer and friend Stephanie Seymour  got a  great review on the American Birding Association website for her album "There Are Birds."

Here's a sample:

Stephanie Seymour’s There Are Birds is a 12-song pop-rock album with occasional flares of acapella and folk. Among the many things that make this album special, perhaps the most important is that it is explicitly from the perspective of a birder.

"Anyone who likes good music may love There Are Birds, but birders will specifically see themselves reflected in the lyrics and textures of the songs."

You can read the review here.

Stephanie is also included in's "Songs to See Us Through" series  including a live video of "Violet-crowned Hummingbird."

You can tune in here. Or listen below: