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My Column: Peregrines vs. Ravens

Karl Soehnlein Raven Eage
Last fall, while counting raptors at State Line Lookout in Alpine, several of us birders noticed a nasty interaction between the local Common Ravens and Peregrine Falcons.

I remembered back in the Meadowlands when Peregrine evicted Ravens from their nest site at Laurel Hill. What was going on?

I decided to find out and write a column about it in The Record's Better Living Section today.

Failing to acquire a photo of Ravens and Peregrines squabbling at State Line, I settled for the next best thing -- this shot by Karl Soehnlein of A raven and a young bald eagle squabbling above the Palisades near the Lookout. (Thanks, Karl!)

You can download it here:

Download Wright Bird Watcher TheRecordBergenEdition_20200220_BL08_0



Monday's Mystery Answered

IMG_0058On Monday I wrote:

I saw this bird on a poster in a Washington, D.C., bookshop over the winter holidays.

What kind of bird is it? What do you think it was I.D.'d as?

I sure thought it looks like an Osprey. The poster said it was a Red-tailed Hawk. Nobody's perfect.


From December: 3 Bald Eagles at the CF

The other day, Lynn McKenzie mentioned she had taken a shot of three Bald Eagles over the Celery in late December.

She was kind enough to share it here.

Great pic. Thanks, Lynn.

Does anyone know what the high count for Bald Eagles at the CF is?

I'm guessing that it was the five we had here on the ice during the fish kill of 2015.