Merlin by the Celery Farm
Monday Muskrat Mystery Reanswered!

Monday Mystery -- One Answer

Muskrat 030709

On Monday  I asked:

Where did all the Celery Farm Mukrats go?

I haven't seen any of them -- or their lodges -- in a long time.

Eleven years ago, I counted 10 Muskrat huts on the lake, as I noted here.

Alice Leurck replied:

Perhaps the presence of mink & foxes is the reason.

Apparently both will hunt muskrat. Foxes have been seen recently.

When was a mink last seen?

Interesting theory. I think that foxes and mink have been around the 20 years I have lived by the Celery Farm, but minks have been easier to see.

Alice provided several Celery Farm mink shots last spring. You can see them here.

The NJDEP lists the muskrat population as stable.