Celery Farm, Rain(bow) or Shine
Monday Feather Mystery Answered (Bonus)

Monday Morning Feather Mystery Answered

Feathers 20200130_134345 (2)
On Monday Alice Leurck wrote:

On a recent walk at The Celery Farm, Lisa Potash and Loren Anderson discovered a large collection of feathers on Parnell's Path (between the Butterfly Garden and the Scout Platform).
I found Jim's quarter.  It was decided that we would send this to the blog as a mystery to see if anyone can solve it.  
Above are some of the feathers found.  What was the bird?
(Thanks, Alice! In the meantime, please return my quarter...)
The answer, courtesy of Loren: Wanderdrossel.
Now, what's a Wanderdrossel? And who killed the bird?