Monday Feather Mystery Answered (Bonus)
The American Wigeons Continue

Birdy 30, Anyone?

Takayama for birdwatcher(1)

The Great Backyard Bird Count is now through Monday.

Why not do a Birdy 30 and a GBBC at the same time?

Let me know how you do.

More about the GBBC here.

More about the Birdy 30:

Just look out your window for 30 minutes straight, and count the number of bird species you see.

The Birdy 30 is on the honor system, so please don’t get creative with your sightings. And if you see something unusual, please take a photo. I’d love to share them.

Need to make a phone call or text somebody? No worries. Rainy or snowing? Try later. Skunked? Make sure your feeders are full and try again.

With the Birdy 30, you can pick a convenient time and window, have a cup of coffee, and chill. I am told that people do the Birdy 30 in their pajamas. Too much information!

The above painting, courtesy of Stiles Thomas, is by George Takayama.