Monday Morning Mystery 012720
A Celery Farm View This Morning

Rail-spotting at the Celery Farm

IMG_0503A little while back, I wrote about seeing a Virginia Rail by the No-name Culvert.

Since then, several birders have said they have seen two more rails -- by the Boy Scout Platform at the north end of the lake.

Patty and I are visiting our friends, Stiles and Lillian Thomas.

When I told them about the sightings, Lillian cautioned:

"Look out for the third rail."

Always good advice.

Above is a pic taken from the B.S. platform. The little (and hard to see) waterway is where you can see rails if you are very patient.

(Stiles and Lillian send their best.)

Below, one of Alice Leurck's pix of the elusive rails. (Thanks, Alice!)

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