A Living, Breathing Rusty Blackbird at the CF
A Red-shoulder at the CF (and more)

Birding in Amsterdam

IMG_0329With the exception of this Golden Eagle, the birds in Amsterdam were too far away to photograph well, but did get several life birds during our peregrinations around this City of Canals.

Also saw several through binoculars from the hotel window, which overlooked the Amstel River -- especially Eurasian Coots and Great Crested Grebes.

Other finds: Common Ravens, Great Cormorants and Shags, Gray Herons (hanging out with the residents at the Amsterdam Zoo), Rose-ringed Parakeets (Amsterdam's equivalent of our Monk Parakeets, I suspect) and Eurasian Magpies and Eurasian Blackbirds.

IDing new birds with a field guide was a challenge at times -- holler if any of the sightings seem dubious!

I did not include the statuesque eagle on my eBird list of 13 species.

If you are going to Amsterdam and would like some birding tips, I can share some with you that Taco at Flevo Bird-watching graciously provided.