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A Red-shoulder at the CF (and more)

Alice Leurck (who has been busy with her camera at the CF), passed along the above photos of a Red-shoulder she saw by the Pine Grove  recently.

No wonder it's Stiles T's favorite raptor.

You can read a free e-book about Allendale's Red-shoulders on Apple Books here (I hope).

Some background on the book: Since the early 2000s, a family of endangered red-shouldered hawks has nested in Allendale and nearby Ramsey. To chronicle their struggles and triumphs, photographer Jerry Barrack and I have created “Survival: The Red-shouldered Hawks of Allendale, N.J."

Jerry was the principal photographer, and we also have great shots by Kevin Watson, Kumar Patel, Barbara Dilger, Bob and Lisa Safier, and Ken Wiegand.

I did most of the writing, with additional chapters by John Workman (on the Red-shoulders' courting display) and Ken Wiegand (on what it's like to host a Red-shoulder nest). Len Soucy of The Raptor Trust wrote the Foreword.

The book also features a locator map with the hawk’s nesting sites from 2002 to 2011, an interview with Celery Farm Warden Emeritus Stiles Thomas (who has followed the hawks’ triumphs and tragedies for the past decade and more), plus some nifty surprises. 

And it's a free download.

(If you like the book, please consider donating to The Raptor Trust here.)