Celery Farm: A Morning Ice Palace
Cold Feet at the Feeder

Need a Last-minute Gift? Get a CF Calendar!


A reminder: The 2020 Celery Farm calendars are on sale at the Lee Memorial Library in Allendale and Wild Birds Unlimited in Paramus. And they feature beautiful color images taken you-know-where.

Perfect holiday gifts!

Yes, that's one of Allendale's famous Red-shouldered Hawks on the cover. (Photo by Darlene Lembo.)

As always, the calendar is packed with holidays and locally essential dates.

As a special bonus, calendar creator Carol Flanagan has added another day to the calendar, Feb. 29! I can't guarantee that all other 2020 calendars have this feature, so best buy one of Fyke's calendars. (Thanks, Carol Flanagan, who  designed the calendars!)

The calendars sell for $15 (U.S.) and are available at Wild Birds Unlimited on Route 17 South in Paramus and the Lee Memorial Library on Crescent Avenue in Allendale.

(Thank you, Lee Memorial Library and Wild Birds Unlimited!)