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Rusty Blackbird in the Celery Farm

Crestwood Lake: Great Birding Spot

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I usually forget to go birding at Allendale's Crestwood Lake, though I have seen some great birds there over the years -- especially Wilson's Snipes. A recent email from Alice Leurck served as a wakeup call.

Why isn't Crestwood Lake listed an eBird hotspot, she wondered?

The reason, I figured out, is that perhaps no one had nominated it.

After hearing about all the great birds Alice saw there before Thanksgiving --including Eastern Bluebirds and Cedar Waxwings, I nominated this place myself. I'll let you know if I get any results.

eBird says that you, too, can suggest Crestwood Lake as a hotspot on its website from the Submit page by using “Find it on a Map” and clicking the suggestion box. You can also suggest prior personal locations going to Manage My Locations under My eBird and using the dropdown menu at the top right.

In the meantime, enjoy some Alice pix from Crestwood Lake from last month.